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When you get to study history the way I have over the past forty years, you gain an understanding and perspective that is enlightening.  You get to see the world and government with a long-term view rather than a quick glance at the moment.  This produces some real concerns and frustration as you watch the generations make the same mistakes that were made hundreds, even thousands of years ago.

As a point in fact, let’s consider the immigration issues facing America.  In the mid nineteenth century and the first quarter of the twentieth century we saw mass immigration from Europe.  While we had some immigration from Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East, the vast majority was from Europe comprised of English, French, Scandinavian, Germany, and a dozen other countries.  This immigration tsunami was a blessing and our culture grew, united, and out of the many came one!

Today, with the policy of unlimited immigration, we are seeing the influx of people from around the world.  Shouldn’t that be good?  There is a major problem many are totally unaware of and one that will come back to create confusion and pain.   What is that major problem?  While different nations and languages came to America in mass they universally held to the Judeo-Christian worldview expressed most fully in the Bible through the saving work of Jesus Christ.  Whether we may have spoken the name of Jesus in German or French or Norwegian we still had the same basic worldview based on the Bible and the Ten Commandments.   As a result we merged and became one people, called Americans, quickly.

Today we are in a different immigration situation that cannot be accurately compared to our past.  The common refrain from the left and the media is that “diversity is good for America.”  That is a misleading and deceptive statement.  Yes, diversity can be good so long as there is agreement on the purpose, focus and foundations of life.  Diversity can be destructive when we approach life, purpose, and values on differing beliefs.

Just to clarify! I am not writing in a vacuum or from an ivory tower.  As a Christian pastor I have been involved in the resettlement of many immigrants from all over the world.   I have worked with them firsthand and have become aware that their worldviews and beliefs which can vary radically from mine.

Today the world is mobile like it never has been before.  America offers opportunity, freedom and self-expression.   America is very attractive to the world.  The problem with this mobility is that people are coming to America with widely varying worldviews.  While too many believe that all religions and worldviews have the same goals that is naive and a distortion of what is truly going on.


HINDUISM.  Its major focus is the infinite manifestations of God.

THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT. Its major focus is that we ourselves are God.

BUDDHISM.  It believes that no god or gods exist.

ISLAM.  Focus is submission to Allah by surrender or force.

CHRISTIANITY. Its focus is the saving work of Jesus Christ.

These worldviews dictate how we treat one another, what we value, what we are called to do, and the process of proclaiming our beliefs.   In reviewing the five major world beliefs is should be obvious to all that peace and love are not the goal or function of each belief system.  While some beliefs are passive others are very aggressive.  Some are tolerant of others some are not!  IT IS NAIVE AND HISTORICALLY FALSE TO BELIEVE ALL RELIGIONS ARE BASICALLY THE SAME.

Germany, France, Sweden and other Europeans countries who have practiced open borders and lived with the foolish belief that over time all these worldviews will merge into one are today suffering fear, hatred, physical clashes and other problems.  In fact, several European countries have  admitted that they have made major mistakes with open borders and unlimited resettlement.


Immigrants coming to America need to be not only welcomed but integrated into the American way of life as quickly as possible.  Churches especially need to be working one on one with immigrants and share our way of life while listening to the immigrant and affirming values that coincide with our country. The world desperately needs to see in us the reality of Jesus Christ.  Just like Peter and John, who stood before the ruling religious leaders of their day, we need to stand up and speak for Jesus effectively.  Prayerfully it can be said of us what was said about Peter and John:

Acts 4:13   Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.

Businesses must treat immigrants just like anyone else paying a fair wage and offering continued training in job skills.  The government needs to assist communities in integrating the immigrants by not making the immigrants dependent on government but finding ways to make them independent.  Christians especially need to be at the forefront of greeting, listening, caring and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

It is time to wake up.  It is time we knew the truth and learn from the past.  It is time Christians become vocal, stand up, express the truth, and reach out to the immigrant offering the grace and love of Jesus Christ.    The sooner the better before these worldviews clash and harm one another.


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