Weeping for America

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I am not a big fan of Presidential State of the Union addresses.   It is usually a lot of generalities with little substance. Last evenings State of the Union was the saddest and most frightening I have ever witnessed. The fear stems not from what was said but the reaction of the Democrats to the President of the United States and the country we call America.

While it is usual and par for the course for political parties to be in opposition to one another last nights display of rudeness and disrespect was equal to a Greek tragedy. Not only did I witness political opposition but I saw political hatred and a disdain for the America I grew up in.  I was more than shocked to watch Nancy Pelosi and a host of democrats who would not applaud or even stand for traditional American values. The ultimate losers are the American public who representatives do not represent their constituents but their own political radical left-wing ideologies.

It was obvious that the Democrats concern for the DOCA eight hundred thousand has nothing to do with the people but their own personal ideology. They don’t want a wall or systematic immigrant to America but I’m sure they locked their doors and turned on their security alarms when the got home. They are becoming amazingly transparent and what we are seeing is very ugly.

The Democratic party is no longer the party of my mother and father, of FDR or even John Kennedy. Today’s democratic party is anti-God (especially Christianity) and anti-America. While the Republicans have their problems they still seem to hold on to our founding father’s values and worldview, to traditional American values.  The Democrats determination to support abortion on demand, same sex marriage, governmental enslavement of those in poverty for votes, and a host of other views, has put them front and center, not just as the loyal opposition, but of the disloyal who are tearing down this country.

My biggest concern is the fact that the Democrats are attempting to lead America to atheism. They don’t want to be beholding to a higher power nor do they believe we have certain inalienable rights. They want to dole out the power and the control as they see life.   We are in deep, deep trouble.

We are getting nearer and nearer a war, not just with words, but hatred, guns, and eliminating the opposition. More and more Americans are buying guns, stockpiling ammo, and building their houses to become bunkers, not out of fear of terrorists, but fear of the politicians in Washington D.C. I fear we are headed to war on the streets, in the schools, and across this country.

Jesus put it bluntly in Mark 8:38 

38 If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels.”

Sadly I believe that if Jesus himself appeared at the State of the Union many Democrats would stay seated, fail to clap, and hope he doesn’t take to much time.  Once we have come to believe we have the final word, are our own master, and quit frankly god himself we are the most lost people on the face of the earth.

I have determined, as a follower of Jesus Christ, that I will not go away, I will not be silent, and at times my words will not be politically correct. I will speak for the truth, stand up for Jesus, proclaim the value of the nuclear family, and support life from conception without apology. The time for silence is over! Christians need to stand up and speak the truth.   If we do perhaps America can be redeemed. If we do not we can expect the same judgment as Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m shedding many tears over what we have become and what will soon be coming at us.

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