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The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, speaking for Yahweh, says, If I say to the wicked person, ‘You will surely die,’ but you do not warn him—you don’t speak out to warn him about his wicked way in order to save his life—that wicked person will die for his iniquity. Yet I will hold you responsible for his blood. But if you warn a wicked person and he does not turn from his wickedness or his wicked way, he will die for his iniquity, but you will have saved your life. Ezekiel 3:18-19

Headline: National Review – Wednesday September 6, 2017 Conservatives question the Democrats’ grilling of appeals-court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. A judicial confirmation hearing this week stoked fears among conservatives that it is becoming acceptable on the American left to voice intensely anti-Christian sentiments.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing for Amy Coney Barrett — a law professor at the University of Notre Dame and President Trump’s nominee to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals — during which two senators, Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) and Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), suggested that Barrett’s Catholic faith might disqualify her from serving as a judge.

“When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you,” Feinstein said. “And that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for years in this country.” Durbin, meanwhile, criticized Barrett’s prior use of the term “orthodox Catholic,” saying it unfairly maligns Catholics who do not hold certain positions about abortion or the death penalty.

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If you haven’t noticed America has radically changed. The things we are talking about today and the open hostility toward Christianity was unheard of fifty years ago. The progressive left has made it its mission to question, then ridicule, then openly mock Jesus and His Word. They have largely succeeded in this endeavor.

Christianity, for the majority, has remained silent! In our attempt to be filled with grace and love we have permitted this mocking and ridicule. We are also naive to believe that this is a passing fad and Christianity will be just fine! What is happening to Amy Coney Barrett, nominee to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, is the natural outcome to this silence. It is tragic and unconstitutional but will continue UNTIL we as believers in Jesus Christ stand up with one voice and shout NO! This must stop and must stop now!

Every Bible believing Christian living in California under the leadership of Diane Feinstein and every Christian in Illinois under Dick Durbin, must call, write, shout, publicly protest, and put pressure on these two democratic senators to repent and apologize. The rest of us need to call our senators and representatives and urge them to stand up for our Christian rights.

The stakes are too high. If this continues unabated we will see the imprisonment and ultimately the murder of Christians in America!   Some may feel that this is an exaggeration but in fact we only need to go back eighty years to Germany to see its potential reality.

While many may ask, why didn’t the church stand up to Hitler, it is for the exact same reason United States senators can make Christianity and faith in Jesus the litmus test for acceptability and public service. It happens when good people of faith remain silent and allow this war on Jesus and His Word to continue. Tomorrow is not the time to speak up! Today is the day to get loud, get honest, and stand up for Jesus and His Word which is the only real salvation available in this chaotic world.



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