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I love the holidays, especially Christmas. It is time for rejoicing and the gathering of family. Surprisingly I have heard person after person tell me how they dread getting together with relatives, especially those who are skeptical about our faith in Jesus. They say their biggest fear is being asked questions about the Bible, about faith, but not knowing where to go in the Bible or what to say.

If you are stumped for answers be stumped no more! Over the past thirty years I have been privileged to hear and write down some of the most common questions people have regarding Jesus, the Bible, forgiveness, sorrow, and a host of other topics. In fact my research has identified twenty-five major topics. Presented in a short format each of these Biblical topics has been distilled down to it’s salient points and put together in a visual thirty minute format. The front page contains the visuals and the reverse side answers six or more questions from a biblical perspective.

What are the topics?

  • Biblical Love.
  • Biblical Forgiveness.
  • Biblical Discipleship.
  • Mission of the Church.
  • Biblical Truth.
  • What is Saving Faith?
  • Church Partnership.
  • Biblical Prayer.
  • Effective Witnessing.
  • Claims of Jesus.
  • The Nature of Evil.
  • Two Essential Questions.
  • Love and Truth.
  • Biblical Finances.
  • What Caused the Crusades?
  • What Happens at Death?
  • Biblical Wisdom.
  • Second Coming.
  • Defining Devotions of the Apostles.
  • The Christian’s Motivation.
  • How to Take Captive Every Thought.
  • Defining a Cult?
  • How to Forgive Yourself.
  • What is Healthy Doubt?
  • Overcoming Sorrow.

Preview each topic at:

Just in time for your Christmas and New Year’s celebration you can have practical and biblical insights that will give your friends and relatives the clarity they need to understand God’s Word.   This entire series is called: To the Point Biblical Truth. They are available as individual topics for $3.99 or all twenty-five for $79.99. The best part is they are PDF downloads so you can have them immediately!

It’s easy to get them today. Just go to: Once into the webpage just click on Books & Resources. Scroll to the bottom and you will see visuals and outlines of all twenty-five topics.


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