Tabitha and the Treacherous Tiger


Tabitha is called by a mysterious stranger to save the children of despair in the Valley of Light. Tabitha is a twelve year old young woman of biblical faith.

Her best friend Peter has had an unsettling dream of children who are in need of help. On her journey to rescue the children she meets Talon the Tiger who has enslaved the children with the aid of his army of gremlocks.

Tabitha is involved in a series of faith battles against the dark powers of the gremlocks. Tabitha’s growing faith enables her to confront Talon and the gremlocks with the power of the true King and his Son, Pax the Lamb.

Throughout her journey in the Valley of Light Tabitha learns the lessons of faith, forgiveness, sacrifice, resurrection, courage, love, prayer, truth, holy war, and joy. These lessons will give her power and wisdom to defeat Talon and his army.

This exciting new book offers families positive values and biblical hope.

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