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As I am sure, you are aware a 22 – year old suicide bomber detonated his bomb vest at an Ariana Grande concert last evening in Manchester, England. The majority of those in attendance were young girls and women from six to twenty years old. ISIS, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has taken credit for the slaughter in the name of Allah!

If you listen to the media you would come away with the conclusion that these kinds of attacks are only a small minority of those who adhere to Islam. You will also hear that there is virtually no difference between Christianity and Islam. My question is to the point: How many more are going to have to die until we come to the realization that Islam and the West are incompatible? We not only have competing worldviews but methodology of outreach. Christianity spreads by persuasion. Islam has always spread by the sword!

I am currently reading a new book by Nonie Darwish entitled: Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values. Nonie grew up Muslim but converted to Christianity in her thirties. She states that Christianity offered her forgiveness, purpose and salvation, which she could never find in Islam. Here is what she points out as the major differences between these two belief systems:

  1. We Are All Sinners vs. They Are All Sinners
  2. Life Is Sacred vs. Death Is Worship
  3. Pleasing God vs. Pleasing Human Beings
  4. Judge the Sin and Not the Sinner vs. Judge the Sinner, Not the Sin
  5. Redemption from Sin vs. Immunity from Sin
  6. Guided by the Holy Spirit vs. Manipulated by Human Terror
  7. God the Redeemer vs. Allah the Humiliator
  8. Healing of Spirit, Body, and Soul vs. No Healing Is Needed
  9. Jesus Came to Save Us vs. We Have to Save Allah and Muhammad (and Muhammad’s) Reputation
  10. Jesus Died for Us vs. We Must Die for Allah
  11. Confession of Sin vs. Concealment of Sin
  12. At War with the Devil vs. at War with Flesh and Blood
  13. The Truth Will Set You Free vs. Lying Is an Obligation
  14. Trust vs. Distrust 15. Faith vs. Submission

I would strongly urge you to purchase her book and read it for yourself. It is an excellent introduction to Islam and how it significantly differs from Christianity from someone who has lived on both sides of the divide. It is available through in hardback or kindle edition.

Ignorance is not our friend when it comes to terrorism or the power that motivates 22 – year old young men to kill themselves and a host of children. As we gain an honest perspective of these two worldviews it put us in the right place to reach out with the grace of Jesus Christ while we still have time.


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