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I recently found a webpage that is entitled: 5 Verses You Thought Were in the Bible….But Aren’t.  It is a fascinating read since the 5 phrases sound biblical but are anything but biblical. Here isthe top five:

“God helps those who help themselves.” 1 Americanians 17:76

“This, too, shall pass.” Wisdomonius 4:11

“Yea, verily, God wants you to be happy.” Oprah 1:1

“If you work hard enough, you’ll be successful.” 2 Jobs 4:04

“Just follow your heart and believe, and you can do anything.” Song of Disney 20:15*

 We have a tendency to try to add to the Bible the particular ideologies and ideas that best fit our worldview and culture at the moment. It doesn’t matter if the Bible said it or not, since it fits what we want and want to believe. I would like to add one more of these biblical/non-biblical phrases for your consideration:

“Live and Let Live.” Tolerance 20:18

Over the past fifty years Americans have decided they didn’t like God’s rules and wisdom and so they decided to make up their own.  What we once called “bad” is now the new “good”! What once was good is now intolerance! Honestly, Mother Teresa herself, for her stand on life, would be called intolerance and hateful by the progressive left! To be part of the future you need to adopt and live by the phrase: “Live and Let Live” except of course you have to punish, marginalize, shout-down, and label those who disagree!

We ought not be surprised! The more prosperity and leisure time people have, the further their thinking drifts from the truth. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah spoke to this very issue: Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20

Isaiah was a prophet to Israel because Israel threw out the commandments of God and began to make up their own.   Pleasure, leisure and wealth, had lulled them to sleep to God’s truth. Since they refused to listen to the prophets and repent, God finally sent the Babylonians who destroyed Jerusalem, destroyed the Temple, and took the majority of the wealthy and middle-class into exile for seventy years. It was a bitter lesson that we are repeating.

America is at the juncture where we don’t need the one true God because the economy is just fine! We think that our words are the final words! We want to believe that if everyone lives by progressive rules we would have a much better society. Our eyes have dulled over to the truth and we will soon reap the whirlwind.

What have we done that has God the Father, God the Son-Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit angry? We have accepted the killing of unborn babies as a woman’s right to choose. We have embraced alternative lifestyles and attempt to call it normal. We have rejected marriage as one man and one woman and made “love” the cure for all unbiblical behavior. We have thrown out the saving work of Jesus, even in many churches, and made the Beatles song: “All You Need Is Love,” our creed!

Whether we want to hear it or not judgment is coming! It will be dark, ugly, destructive and intolerable but come it will. God will not be mocked, ignored or redesigned according to our criteria. Jesus did not suffer, die and rise again on the third day so that we might do whatever we want. Tragically, like the Prophets of old, the vast majority will ignore this and other warnings that are coming from all over the world. It does not matter because he will not be treated with indifference.

What do we do who want to obey the Lord? We need to pray diligently for eyes to be opened. We need to daily repent and give thanks to Jesus that he has rescued us from sin, death and the power of the devil. We need to call Christians to repentance for their indifference, and the society around us to know the Lord Jesus. We need to speak the truth regardless of the price.

Without question, the Lord’s judgment is coming. We won’t be able to stop it, but we are called to warn those around us. On that day have no fear, be faithful, and proclaim the power and the saving work of Jesus Christ.


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