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Set your mind on things above, not on the things that are on the earth. Colossians 3:2

Katherine Kersten, fellow at the Center for the American Experiment has written a revealing and shocking article about the Edina, Minnesota Public Schools. While Edina has been the model, the elite school district for many years, it has now slipped below state standards in test scores in a variety of areas.

How has this happened? Money is not the issue. Teaching tools are more than enough. What has happened is deceptively simple. The secular progressives in our educational system have turned Edina into a model for progressive thought, solving issues of racial inequity, and anti-American rewriting of history.

Put on your seat belt and take the time to read the full article by Katherine Kersten at:   What she identifies both is shocking and damaging to our children and America.

As much as I resist the progressive left and it’s anti-Christian world philosophy, they only represent the tip of the iceberg. The real problem is not to the left it is in the church! The church has rolled over and played dead when it comes to the day-to-day issues of life. On the one hand too many Christians have grabbed onto Colossians 3:2, put all their hope in the world to come and abandoned with world! Their silence is deafening! On the other hand is a segment of Christianity that has sees little value in the life to come. Rather they are joining the progressive movement and turn Jesus’ mission into peace and justice with little need for repentance and salvation. There is a third position that we must migrate to as believers.

That third position is to keep our mind on the “thing above” which in reality IS THE MIND OF JESUS.

  • How does Jesus see people?
  • What does Jesus value?
  • What does Jesus want us to do?
  • Are we relying on Jesus’ power or our power?
  • How does Jesus want us to live out our faith in this life?

When we seek the ‘things above” such as these, not whether the streets of heaven are paved with gold or the specific date and time of his return, then we become valuable and powerful in this world below.

Silent Christians are worthless to the Kingdom of God. As harsh as that sounds we no longer have the time or luxury to always be gentle and forbearing. The forces of evil are dragging our children down into paganism, secularism and progressivism of all kinds. If we witnessed a child about to walk over a cliff and remained silent we would be guilty of their death. When we witness our youth’s values being consumed by the media, the secular progressives, and a host of other “isms”, then it is time to get aggressive, outspoken, and unwilling to compromise the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How do Christian Parents confront and redirect the progressive indoctrination in the public schools?

  • Parents have the right to visit their child’s classroom and sit in on what is being taught.
  • Parents need to volunteer in their child’s classroom thus observing firsthand what is being taught.
  • Parents have a right to go to the board of education to hear what is going and bring change.
  • Parents have a right to protest when they believe their concerns are not being addressed.
  • Parents need to be in fervent prayer, not only for their child, but for their child’s teacher, classroom and school.
  • Parents have the right and responsibility to review homework, classroom assignments and reading materials.
  • Parents have the right to free speech and must never let anyone tell them they cannot talk about Christian values and the will of Jesus Christ publicly.

When we come to the end our lives too many Christians are going to lament, “I wish I would have…….” Instead make that choice right now having no regrets as you enter the kingdom of God.

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