Choosing Whom You Will Live For!

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Luke 16:8b For the sons of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own generation than the sons of light.

 The hypocrisy, lying, deception and self-righteousness of Hollywood is like maggots emerging from an overstuffed garage can in 99 degree weather!   The latest revelations about Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and his abuse of women on the “casting couch” is horrible enough but the myriad of Hollywood personalities who knew what he was doing and said nothing is even worse! This is just the tip of the iceberg and we can expect more and more accusations percolating out of Hollywood regarding this sexual abuse.

Just a couple of months ago Vice-President Mike Pence was drawn and quartered with ridicule from the left elites and their Hollywood and TV crowd because he said that he would never meet a woman alone without his wife present. According to the left Mike Pence is a naive goody two-shoes who is out of touch with reality. Unlike Harvey Weinstein and others in the media Vice President Pence can sleep at night without the worry that some woman has the “goods” on him for abuse or infidelity.

Mike Pence is a wise man and the majority of women I have met over the years would certainly prefer him as their husband than the Hollywood crowd.

While the political left continues to call President Trump a misogynist, they failed to hold President Bill Clinton to the same standards. They are also silent about Hillary Clinton who defended her husband when fourteen women accused him of rape and sexual abuse! When we see this level of partisan outrage and demands for justice we must recognize how hollow and phony their words and behavior are when unequally applied.

Jesus declared that the children of this world are shrewd and will often outmaneuver those who live in the truth, respect of others, and walk in the light. It is easy to lie, deceive, drop false innuendoes, and slander others. It takes little thought to shade the truth, to accuse, to make fun of others. In Jr. High we would call these kind of people “bullies.” Today the bullies are dressed in $800.00 suits, drive exquisite automobiles, on TV and film way too often, and eat at the best restaurants. Their words are smooth and they know how to play to the cameras. They are marvelous actors who can put on phony indignity and calls for justice faster than the speed of light.

The truth of the matter is that we are all capable of this kind of behavior. We are all capable of abuse, deception, lying, self-serving statements and partisanship. The Harvey Weinsteins and the political progressive are easy to spot because they do it so naturally. At the same time we can play the game just as they do if we fail to live for the right values, the right purpose and the right person. That person is Jesus Christ. Loving Jesus, wanting to know him, desiring to serve him only must be the driving force to keep us from becoming what we so often see in Hollywood.

Early in my ministry a young married woman in the congregation told me she loved me and wanted to leave her husband and be with me. At that moment she had backed me up against a wall and had her arms around me. Let me be honest. It felt good, my ego was soaring, and something pleaded inside of me to have some fun and give in.

I was married to Jan only nine years, we had three young sons, and a new ministry. As much as I loved Jan and my boys they were not enough to move me to say “no”, to back her advances away and to tell her it was not going to happen. The power to say “no”, which I did, had everything to do with being faithful to Jesus, loving him alone, and serving him with all my heart. HE was the only reason I chose to live in the light rather than the darkness.

If our primary purpose for living is ourselves then we will always walk in darkness. If our goal is looking out for old number one then we will not be able to distinguish darkness from light. However, if our purpose is to live for Jesus, know him, and honor him with our lives the Bible says we are not only in the light but we will continue to walk in the light.

I would ask you to pray about three items in this regard.

  1. That the media and Hollywood would be shook to their base and return to biblical values.
  2. That we, as believers, would recognize how susceptible we are to the same behavior unless we make Jesus the highest priority of our lives.
  3. That those who have sinned by abusing women would repent, be held accountable and that those victimized would be healed and restored.





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