Challenging the Truth!

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Two years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After the first biopsy the cancer specialist told me it was a slow growing cancer and I might die of old age before I did the cancer. While I hated the diagnosis I was thankful it was about as slow growing as it can get. A month later the doctor called and said, “I’d like to do another biopsy on the back size of your prostate. We usually don’t do both sizes but something it telling me to take a look.”  We did another biopsy and sure enough he found a much more aggressive cancer and advised we remove it as soon as possible since it was still in the infant stage.

I searched the Internet and talked to others who had this kind of surgery to see if there was any viable alternative. I would estimate I put in 250 hours of research. The answers, from a variety of sources came to the same conclusion. With a great deal of peace in my heart that I had done everything I could to make a sound wise decision I went ahead with the surgery. As of today, two years later, I am cancer free!

I behaved like millions of other people. When push came to shove and I heard the word “cancer” I put on my research hat and looked at every option available. Sadly too many of us fail to do our research into the claims of Jesus, his call to faith, heaven and hell, and what happens when we breath our last breath in this world. Since we are all going to die wouldn’t it be wise to for each of us to take a few hours, examine Jesus claims, research his impact on others, consider many of the published near death experiences to see if this is true or not? REMEMBER: THE CONSEQUENCES OF ETERNITY IS A LONG TIME TO HAVE FAILED TO SEARCH OUT THE TRUTH.

In the early years of ministry I served a small congregation in southern Ohio. Over seven years the church grew with people coming to faith in Jesus Christ. One of the most dramatic experiences I had as a young pastor was with a gentlemen who came every week with his two small children. His wife did not attend since she considered herself an agnostic.

They both had worked for an aircraft manufacturer as aeronautical engineers. Since I was the new pastor in town the husband determined that it was my turn, in a long line of pastors, to be invited over to their house in an attempt to share Jesus and hopefully see his wife come to living faith.

That next Friday evening began at 8:00 p.m. sharp and by 11:00 p.m. I was running out of logical arguments and scripture. She was formidable and proved to be very knowledgeable. I knew I was in over my head. As the clock struck 11:00 p.m. I was preparing to chalk-up this evening’s experience and call it a draw. I remember starting to push back my chair when a “light bulb” went off in my head. It was a light bulb from the Lord Jesus. I asked her, “How many jet engines have you built as an aeronautical engineer?”

Her response, Hundreds.

Then I asked, “How many have you built without looking at the specs (blueprints) closely?”

Impossible she came back, “It is way too complicated.”

I knew I had her so I said, “You have made up your mind about Jesus, the Bible, heaven and hell, but you have never closely studied the specs, have you?”

She sat back with a baffled look on her face. I could tell that the wheels of her brain where turning. After a long pause she said, “Youre right, where do I begin?”

I opened to her the Gospel of John and invited her to read it daily asking a few simple questions about what it said regarding Jesus and what he is calling us to do. I left feeling that a barrier had been broken through and perhaps something spiritually enlightening may have been happening in her heart.

Three months passed before I received a phone call from her husband. Praise God, he said, “she just finished reading through the Gospel of John again and came under such conviction as to who Jesus is and his reality that she got on her knees tonight and received him into her heart as Lord and Savior.” It was one of the most momentous moments of my life and ministry. I was privileged to play a small part in someone coming to living faith in Jesus.

That, however, is not the end of the story. One year later her husband was on a flight to Seattle to an aircraft plant. On route he suffered a fatal heart attack. Needless to say everyone was in shock because he appeared to be a healthy 45-year-old man. Arrangements were made for the funeral.

The day of the funeral broke bright and clear. A huge crowd attended the funeral showing their respect for this wonderful man. It was a typical service until his wife stepped up to the podium. What was said stunned most of the crowd. Expecting to hear her grief and dismay that her young husband was taken from her she said, “If this had been just one year ago I would be the most bitter person on the face of the earth. However, this past year I have met Jesus! He is my personal Lord and Savior who has the final word in all things. Yes, I am quite dismayed that my beloved husband is gone so early but I also know where he is and that I will see him again.” This was one of those very special moments in life where the curtain was withdrawn and we all got a glimpse of Jesus’ reality and the eternal.

Who can you challenge to take a look at the evidence? The Gospel of John is the best place to go to begin such a search. In order to assist you in that process I have prepared the 21 DAY CHALLENGE as a free PDF download from my webpage: It’s yours for free to utilize anyway you see fit. All I would ask is that you send me an email at: and let me know you’ve taken up the challenge.

You never know whom the Lord Jesus is preparing for such a challenge. Now you have a tool to make that job easier and more fun. Download it today, let me know, and challenge someone to look into the facts.



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