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There are too many things today that compete for our minds and dollars. What most people, including Christians, fail to realize is that there is also an organized movement to reshape not only our mind and worldview but to propagandize the generations to come.

Consider for a moment that the average child and teenager spends upward of twenty-five hours per week in social media, Facebook, tweeting, and TV and radio programming. Add to this the fact that children in the public schools and related homework receive upward of eight hours a day or thirty-five hours of influence beyond mom and dad each week. Added together that translates to more than sixty hours of shaping your children’s worldview, attitudes about right and wrong, and values.

If mom and dad are Christians, and are diligent about their children being in Sunday School and church learning about Jesus and his will, that adds up to two hours per week! Sixty hours of non-Christian influence verses two hours of Christian influence who do you think will win out in the end? It is little wonder that the dropout rate of children raised in the church is more than two-thirds by the time they are in high school or college.

I would encourage parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, and pastors to look closely at the children’s Christian novel “Tabitha and the Treacherous Tiger.” While the story is a fictional account of the heroin Tabitha and her adventures, plus talking animals, the book is designed to teach “faith in Jesus.” This book has had impact on children of all ages and surprisingly has dramatically impacted many adults!

How has it made such an impact? A college professor, raised Roman Catholic, picked up a copy of Tabitha and read it through several times. She contacted the author and said, “This children’s novel has taught me more about my faith and what it means to be a disciple than anything else in my life.” She was so moved she ordered thirty copies to give to her colleagues at the university. We just received another email from an adult women, who is facing several health issues, and she said nearly the same thing. In fact her first comment about Tabitha and the Treacherous Tiger was “WOW”!

How do you get a copy of Tabitha and the Treacherous Tiger? You can get a copy directly from this webpage by clicking on “Books and Resources.” Scroll down and you will discover that paperback copies of Tabitha are available for $9.95 and an electronic download version is available for $7.95. Please note that a complete study guide is also available.

You own it to yourself, your family, and your church to get a copy and read it today. In fact several Christian based elementary schools have used it for several years a part of their curriculum. Do not underestimate its value! It will have a powerful impact on children and young adults. Never let this world dictate your children or grandchildren’s worldview without Biblical input. Tabitha and the Treacherous Tiger is a key tool to help children to grow in their faith and walk with Jesus all the days of their lives.

Go to: toeternity.org

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