A Biblical Warning to Church Leaders

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WARNING: Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness. James 3:1

No matter where you travel in the USA a Walmart is a Walmart is a Walmart! No surprises, consistent products, the layout of store is very consistent making it easy to find the same product whether you are in the State of Maine or the State of Oregon!

Why is the Christian church so diverse, so splintered, so confusing that you have no guarantees from church to church as to what you are going to get? In one church you can hear about Jesus week after week. In another church, even of the same denomination, you rarely hear the name of Jesus. In one church you would think social justice is the purpose of the believers while in another you get a completely different idea. When did the church become the personal property of the leaders and it’s presentation to the world taking on the diversity of Mr. Potato Head? In sad essence the churches subtitle on the marquee could be one of Shakespeare’s plays: AS YOU LIKE IT!

We are living in a very tragic time when the world is so confused and desperately needs the clear consistent message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message of the church and denominations however is a varied as the stars in the sky. Too often the local church, church pastors and teachers, church seminaries, and church schools have failed to diligently present the message and reality of Jesus without the political correctness of the prevailing culture.

The Word of God is very blunt on this topic. In James 3:1 we read:  Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness. On the Day of Judgment, the Bible warns, those who present, preach, teach and lead the message of the Bible will be highly accountable for what they have taught.   We are not called to present our personal views but in fact we are to present the mind and will of Jesus Christ!

Over the past fifty years political activists, in the church, have pushed their desires and tortured God’s Word to get it to say what they want it to say. Whether it is the gay lifestyle, abortion on demand, or proclaiming that “love” is our highest goal, they are going to be in shock when they have to stand face to face with Jesus Christ on the final day. Jesus is truly the Word of God and will right all wrongs, correct all errors, silence every mouth that fails to speak his truth, and determine our eternal destiny.

What ought we to do in response to this great truth? Many pastors, leaders, and teachers need to repent. They need to change their minds and hearts and take on Jesus’ mind. They need to get on their knees and admit their errors. They must submit their heart and mind to God’s Word and not make it up as they go.

The Church of Jesus Christ should have one message, one savior, and one mission. Its failure in the world is not the fault of Jesus Christ. The fault is ours! Too often we have created a Jesus of our imagination and turned the church into our personal possession. It is time to repent, get serious and represent Jesus with his truth and his alone.


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